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FJ08K Series

Total Resistance:10KΩ-100KΩ
Total Resistance Tolerance:20%
Resistance Taper:
Max. Operation Voltage: Linear Taper B :AC 50V or DC 5.0V
Rated Power: Linear Taper B :0.0125 W
Sliding Noise: Less than 100mV (by JIS method)
Insulation Resistance: More than 100MΩ at DC 250V1Minute
Withstand Voltage:1 minute at AC 250V/2m A/50Hz


Joystick Potentiometer Joystick with Custom Knob - Click for Larger Image  
FJM10K Series
bulletResistance Range 10 - 100K Ohms   
bulletResistance Tolerance 20%
bulletMaximum Operating Voltage: 50VAC or 5.0VDC
bulletPower: 0.0125W
bulletLinear Taper
bulletLife: 100K Cycles (min.) (Special Type: 1,000,000 cycles)
bulletShaft Deflection from Vertical: 60 degrees 10% in any direction
bulletOptions: Single or Dual; PC Pins or Solder Lugs; Switch; Copper Ball Actuator

Detailed Specifications:
Electrical Characteristics
  Total Resistance ... 10 K ohm ~ 100 K ohm
  Total Resistance Tolerance ...30%
  Resistance Taper ... B
  Max. Operation Voltage ... Linear Taper B: AC 50 V or DC 5.0 V
  Rated Power ... Linear Taper B: 0.0125 W
  Sliding Noise ... Less than 300 mV (by JIS method)
  Insulation Resistance ... More than 100 M ohm at DC 250 V 1 minute
  Withstand Voltage ... 1 minute at AC 250 V/2 mA/50 Hz

Mechanical Characteristics
  Figure of lever operation ... circular operating
  Stopper Strength ... 3.1 kgf.cm Min 3 sec
  Push-Pull Strength ... Push/Pull 5.0 kg.f Min. 3 sec
  Operating force ... 300 gf.cm Max.
  Accuracy of rest position ... 5
  Operating angle of lever ... 606
  Durability Rotational Life ... 100,000 Cycles Min.

Tact Switch Specifications
  Maximum Ratings ... 12 V DC 50mA
  Operating Force ... 720260 gf
  Travel ... 0.5 +0.5/-0.4 mm

  Operating Life ... 100,000 Cycles Min.

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