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bulletPanel Cut-out 28.6MM x 25.4MM 
bulletSPST, DPDT
bulletQuick-connect terminals
bulletIlluminated Switches 
10A 250VAC 15A 125VAC (UL/CSA)
bulletInitial Contact Resist.: 20 mil ohms max.
bulletInsulation Resist.: 100 meg ohms min. 
@ 500VDC
bulletDielectric Strength: 1K VAC for 1 minute
bulletElectrical Life: 6,000 Cycles 
bulletTemperature Range: -10 to +65 degrees. C
Model BR260-A BR260-B
Illumination Lens
Neon Lamp
Frame Colors Black Black
Rocker Colors Black Black
Markings  N/A N/A
Switch Action SPST,
Terminals Spade Lugs Spade Lugs
Dimensions subject to change without notice.

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