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Wallmount travel adaptors are available with single voltage outputs ranging from 3VDC to 12VDC, with power outputs from 500mA to 2.5A.  Common features are automatic switching to accept 100-240VAC 50/60Hz, with all of the popular output terminations your customers will need.  Custom face plates with your company's name and logo can be prepared from your artwork. 
Other features: 
- High efficiency: >80%
- Short Circuit Protection
- Overload Protection
- Folding Wall Plug for compact packing
- Interchangeable Output Plugs
- "Power On" LED Indicator 
- US, Canadian and European approvals have been obtained for many models.

Output Plugs:
1) 0.75 x 2.35MM
2) 1.35 x 3.5MM
3) 1.7 x 4.0MM
4) 1.7 x 4.75MM
5) SONY-type with reverse polarity protection
6) 2.1 x 5.5MM

Output Voltage 
PST0503 3   500mA
5 2A
PST2505 6 2.5A
PST2006 6 2A
PST0806 6 800mA
PST2008 8 2A
PST0209 9 200mA
PST0309 9 300mA
PST0509 9 500mA
PST0609 9 600mA
PST0709 9 700mA
PST1011 11 1A
PST0112 12 100mA
PST0212 12 200mA
PST0512 12  500mA
PST1012 12 1A

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