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If you need something that beeps, buzzes or blares, sound off about it.  
We offer a wide variety of buzzers, horns and sirens with integrated drive circuits, audio transducers and piezo elements.
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Piezo Buzzers: Design Considerations: Piezo Buzzers are typically high frequency (2-4Khz), with pleasant sounding tones at low sound pressure levels and piercing tones at higher outputs.  The absence of harmonics produces a distinct tone and clear penetrating sound. Available sound pressure levels will range from 80dB to 105dB or more, with larger buzzers required to produce louder sound.  Current drain is low.  Typical nominal operating voltages begin at about 5VDC, and models are available to operate in both AC and DC circuits.
Tones can be solid or pulse, or  both.  Various siren or pre-programmed custom sounds are available. 
For outdoor environments, splash-proof models are available, with caps over the sound holes, and circuitry designed to resist rust and corrosion. Mechanical damping for variable tone is available on some models.
Piezo Horns & Sirens:
Design Considerations: These buzzers will have the highest sound outputs. Tones can be solid, pulse, or various siren tones (American-siren, European-siren, warble, etc.).  Custom programmed sounds are also available.
Current drain is high.  Typical nominal operating voltages will start at 12VDC, and models are available for both AC and DC circuits.
Splash-proof models are available for outdoor applications, such as vehicle back-up alarms or alarm systems.
Piezo Elements & Transducers:

Design Considerations: These devices contain no electronics, and require external circuitry to produce an audible tone.  Presence of the feedback tab enables the designer to simplify the drive circuit.  Voltage applied to the device produces mechanical distortions which are usable, among other applications, in alarms and sensors.  Bare piezo elements are available for customers designing their own circuitry and housing.  Cased elements are available with lead wires, PCB pins or for surface mounting.


Metal Electrical Buzzers
Design Considerations: These buzzers will have low, medium or high sound outputs (depending on model selected), at low frequencies (700-900Hz). The sound is harsher (or raspier) than piezo buzzers. Rugged construction. High current drain. Rated voltages can be 1.5VDC - 24VDC, or 12VAC, 24VAC, 120VAC or 240VAC. Electrical circuitry is included. Sometimes also known as electro-mechanical buzzers. 
Special Designs Available
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This model was produced for a customer who needed a special splash- and insect-resistant cover. Another customer wanted a buzzer that sounded like a certain other appliance in its product line.  

How can we design a special buzzer for you?  



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