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Neon Indicator Lamps
We can supply neon indicator lamps in standard orange, (NE-2),  semi-high brightness orange (NE-2C), high brightness red (NE-2H), and blue or green fluorescent colors, with clear or frosted glass, with the following bases:  
bulletwire terminals (with or without attached resistor assemblies), in T-3.8, T-4.1, T-5, T-6 sizes  
bulletmidget flanged  (T-5)
bulletmidget grooved (T-5)
bullettelephone slide (T-4.6, T-5, T-5.5, T-6.8)
bulletbi-pin base (T-5)
bulletminiature bayonet (BA5S 3mm, BA7S 3mm) 
bulletminiature screw (E5 3mm)
bulletplastic wedge (3mm)
bulletmedium screw (E10 5mm)
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