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Organic Ginseng Herbal Hair Conditioner 

Ginseng is a traditional scalp stimulant and hair conditioner. It has been in continuous use in Asia for thousands of years.  The scientific name for ginseng is Panax which derives from the Latin word "panacea" meaning "cure all."  Modern researchers have verified many of the claims for the effectiveness of ginseng, including regulating cellular metabolism, helping cells assimilate vitamins and minerals, promoting protein synthesis, and improving vascular circulation.  As a hair treatment, ginseng has been shown to add pliability and softness, reduce snarls and tangles, and reduce excess oils while cleaning and smoothing hair naturally.  It leaves the hair with a nice light feel and texture, not with a “chemical” feeling, but very natural.  As far as we know, this product is not available from any other source in the US. This would be perfect for beauty shops selling individual hair treatments. 

Packing is in export cartons. Each export carton contains 12 presentation boxes.  Each presentation box contains 12 individual 1/2 oz. glass vials, so that each export carton contains a total of 144 hair treatments.  The presentation boxes are very nice, about 10” by 8”, with a gold foil emblem on the cover and stylized picture of ginseng plants.  The conditioner is made in Korea.


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