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These are standard automotive #1157 brake light and turn signal bulbs, with two insulated wires coming out of the base of the bulb to tap trailer lights into the existing vehicle lighting systems. Comes with insulated connectors on the wire ends and 14" wires. Made in Taiwan.

The 1157 is a dual filament bulb usually used in applications where brake light and turn signals share the same bulbs.
This product is great for attaching a trailer or other towing application to the existing stop/turn signals of a towing vehicle so that the trailer's lights will light up the same as the towing vehicle.

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These are similar to the taplights, except with 28 foot wires and butt connectors.  

Typically these will be used in towing a car behind a van or trailer. The butt connectors will attach to the towing vehicle, and the 1157 lamp will be installed in the towed vehicle's brake/turn signal light. The end of the 1157 lamp in the towlight has been sealed so that the lamp will act the same as the brake/turn signal lamp in the towing vehicle.  



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