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In Wall Volume Controls 
All in-wall volume controls work with 4 or 8 ohm speakers. Available with or without impedance matching. Impedance matching type has jumper settings to for up to 16 speaker pairs (8 ohms at amplifier), 32 pairs (4 ohms at amplifier).
Frequency response   30 - 20KHz - 2dB
Step Options:  9 - 12 
Attenuation 9-12 steps @ 3dB each.
Final 2-4 steps@ 6 dB each
Total attenuation: 27 - 42dB
Power Handling Options 25W RMS (75W music power)
50W RMS (150W music power)
70W RMS (200W music power)
Rotary switch models UL rated.
Speaker and A-B Selector Switches
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A B Source Selector for  Amplifier or Speaker Source 1 -2/Speaker 
A, B, & A + B Selector
Rated Power: 250W/CH Rated Power: 100W/CH
Rocker Switch   Rotary Switch  

Infrared Volume Control/Infrared Amplified Volume Control

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Optional 32 step infrared keypad and infrared volume control. No signal loss on long cable runs. Easy Installation. Selectable impedance matching in the volume control.

Specifications  are subject to change without notice.


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