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This environmentally friendly tilt switch design uses non-mercury "rolling ball" technology to sense vibration and tilt. Outer canister options are nickel or gold plating over a copper shell. 
Electrical Specifications:
Electrical Rating: 24VDC <6mA
Life (cycles) >50,000
Contact Resistance: 2 ohms
Solder Temperature 250 deg C
Ambient Temperature 0 - 100 deg C
Tilt Angle: 30 deg
Material Specifications:
Canister: Plated Copper
Electrode: Gold Plated Copper
Rolling Ball:  Gold Plated Stainless Steel
Insulator: Nylon 46 (94V-O


Drawings: Gold Plated Can (AT Series)

Drawings: Nickel Plated Can (BT Series)


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