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When the project doesn't come together just right.  

Maybe it's those pesky tolerances. 

 Maybe those particular parts just weren't meant to work together.  Or maybe the suppliers couldn't get together on something (or were too  lazy to try). 


We can do it all. For the project above, our client (a major communications company) gave us a concept, a parts list, a functional (but very rough) prototype and a test specification.

We did the rest. Tooled the housing, laid out the PCB, and selected parts that brought the project in way under budget, within the timeline, and without any headaches and finger pointing.  And needless to say ... to the customer's complete satisfaction.


You have a lot invested in your project.  
Your time. Your money. Your Company's name.  Your kids' college fund.  Whatever.  Do you want to trust all of that to someone who wears a headset and leaves at 5:00?  
We don't think so.  We treat your project like it's ours.   We want to make your project succeed.   So we give you the care and thoughtfulness that goes with  having a partner, without fighting over who gets the bigger office.  


Custom Volume Control
For this project, the customer initially came to us for the potentiometer. We supplied all the parts, tooled and assembled the housing, the PCB and the knob, and produced the finished product.  
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Automotive Multi-Media Control 
For this project, the customer (a major automotive supplier) also initially came to us for the potentiometer. We supplied the PCB, the wire harness and the connectors, and did the complete assembly. 
Sourcing Services
Having trouble finding specific industrial parts made in Asia ? You're not alone.  Maybe you have seen what you are looking for in another product.  Maybe you have never seen it before, but you're sure it exists.  Or if it does not exist, maybe it should. 
Let us know what you are looking for, and the quantities you need.  Tell us what you know about the part.  We'll put our resources to work for you. Your mystery can be solved easier than you think.
You don't have to take our word for it. Here's what a recent customer (a military/commercial procurement specialist) had to say: "Received the material. You nailed what we were looking for. Nearly identical to the part we needed to replace! Works fine. Saving your site in case anyone else needs this type of support. Thanks for your help." 


Questions? Talk to our Computer.
No way.  We believe your time is important.  So we came up with a refreshing idea.  When you call, you will speak to a person at our office.  90% of your questions will be able to be answered by the first person you get on the phone.  Not by a computer.  Not in a call center in some country you've never heard of. 
Here. By us.
This is our idea of Customer Service.  We hope you like it. 


Our Goal
At Shokai, we work with you to identify the right component for your application, to enable you to build your entire product cost efficiently.  In a way that reflects well on you and your Company.  Our goal is to help you produce your ideas profitably. You can consider us your silent partner. 



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