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SHOKAI is an American corporation, with over 35 years experience in  manufacturing and importing electronic and mechanical components from the Far East.  

In all that time, we have had one mission: To supply quality components and assemblies in quantity, at a fair price, to  OEMs. 

We were serving domestic and international manufacturers long before anybody with an internet connection and a browser could claim to be an overseas supplier.  And we will be here long after they are gone.

We speak your language.  We understand you - your time frames - your requirements -  the pressures placed on you - the quality and personal attention you and your customers demand.  As experienced buyers and design engineers have learned, let SHOKAI  be your source for components from Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China.

We pride ourselves on "going the extra mile" for our customers.  With one call, fax or e-mail to us, you can let us show you what that extra effort means.  Put the resources of SHOKAI  to work for you. You won't be sorry.


Questions? Talk to our Computer.
No way. We believe your time is important. So we came up with a refreshing idea. When you call, you will speak to a person at our office. 90% of your questions will be able to be answered by the first person you get on the phone. Not by a computer. Not in a call center. Here. By us.
This is our idea of Customer Service. We hope you like it.


Shokai Far East Ltd. 9 Elena Court  Cortlandt Manor NY 10567 914-736-3500 Fax: 914-736-3656 
E-mail: sales@shokaifareast.com   http://www.shokaifareast.com