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Case Study # 1
A recreation products company asked us to design a custom enclosed battery holder that could be attached and detached easily from their product, be able to stand up to abuse and outdoor use, and would match the appearance of the entire product.

The Result: We hit the target, and our customer's electronic dart set scored big in the market.

Case Study #2
A computer manufacturer asked us to provide a remote controllable motorized potentiometer for their new monitor.  The problem - what they specified did not exist with the specifications  needed to work properly in their computer, and with the configuration to be assembled easily and quickly in their production system.

The Solution: A custom remote control that really turned on the display - and our customer's sales.

Case Study #3

A media company needed an electronic volume control to control music and voice in numerous remote locations. We received a handmade prototype to work from.  We designed and produced the housing, laid out and built the PCB and sourced all the components. 

The Answer: The product was rolled out on time, way under budget, and really rocked. 

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